T-Mobile Shares the Wealth

At GoldBean, we’ve been scratching our heads at corporate America wondering why there is such a chasm between a company’s customers and its investors.

We understand that companies are driven to keep their shareholders happy with growth and profits. But why are customers excluded from this relationship? Why are they just numbers in a quarterly report?

Isn’t there mutual interest that investors and customers share? Doesn’t a happy customer lead to a happy investor? And if this is the case, why can’t customers share in the profits that they themselves generate?

GoldBean was founded on this exact premise: Helping people get their share by turning consumers into investors. We believe that everyone can and should share in the profits that companies generate. And because they already know a lot about why they spend their money the way they do, they have already taken a big step towards picking which companies are good investments.

So today, we are thrilled that a US company has stepped forward to turn their customers into investors. T-Mobile ($TMUS) has announced a program that will grant current customers one share in their company for every new customer that they bring to T-Mobile.


Closing the loop between customers and investors is an event that is long overdue. Customers shouldn’t be treated as a commodity. They should, in fact, be rewarded for their loyalty and dedication with an ownership stake and a share in the profits that they generate. And T-Mobile’s plan to tie stock grants to customer acquisition links the program directly to their bottom line. It’s a super smart way of driving growth by turning customers into shareholders.

T-Mobile has been an aggressive disrupter of the mobile phone market for a few years now. They have broken the rules about pricing, hardware, roaming and streaming. And now they are embracing their customers like no other company has. We’re exited to see where this leads for T-Mobile. And hopefully this is just the beginning for companies bridging the gap between customers and investors.

Put T-Mobile in your virtual portfolio and see how this plan plays out for them.

And check out their plan at #StockUp

Team GoldBean

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