Behind the Gears: Meet our CTO

GoldBean is a financial advisor. But underneath it all, we are the sharp end of some pretty awesome technology. When we close our eyes, we can almost hear the whirring of the gears that run in the background.

In order for all of this to work properly, we’ve had some amazingly smart people putting all of the technology together. From databases, to code, to design, to customer experience, we’d had a lot of great hands building our business.

And the brain behind it all, from day one, has been our CTO, Husani Oakley.

If you want a peek into the thinking behind all the code, listen to this podcast. Husani speaks with Jen Simmons of The Web Ahead and talks tech from the inside out. It’s a terrific look into the thinking that goes into building a site like GoldBean.

The Web Ahead

Listen and enjoy.


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