How to Overcome Your Financial DNA

Is Your Financial DNA Holding You Back?

First, you might be wondering, “What is financial DNA?”

You can think of your financial DNA as your core beliefs and attitudes towards money, often shaped by memories from your early childhood and influenced by your parents’ attitudes towards money. Your financial DNA becomes the foundation for many decisions you make as an adult regarding money.  Was there stress around money in your household? Shame? Was money a scarcity? Or was it abundant? Perhaps money was rarely an object when it came to decision making.  The views you were exposed to as a child likely helped shape your current attitudes and beliefs about money.

But the good news is: unlike your real DNA, your financial DNA can be altered. You can change your attitude and core beliefs about money.

When you realize that money is neither inherently bad or good, and simply a tool you can use to achieve your goals, you can begin to build confidence in your financial life.

Confidence comes with education, with practice, and with successes (and failures, too). But it starts with the assumption that you can be more than what your financial DNA might have you believe.

So instead of worrying about becoming a bag lady, focus on learning what your money story can tell you about your current relationship with money — or maybe you’ve got this earning, spending, saving thing figured out and want to go outside your comfort zone. Understanding your financial DNA is the first step to cultivating the confidence needed to move beyond your personal limits and step out of your comfort zone to take control of your financial future.