A Money/Life Hack From My First Month In FinTech

We’re a diverse team here at GoldBean with diverse financial backgrounds and experiences. We write a lot about investing and personal finance in general, but we’d like to share some personal money stories, tips, and tricks from our very own team members. Hence, we present, The Beans’ Talk.

Our first post is from Matt, our Software Engineer, who also happens to be our newest hire. Matt chose to share a new money/life hack he learned from his first month in FinTech. Enjoy! $$

What’s up ya’ll? I’m Matt, an engineer here at GoldBean. My first month here as been a blast.

I’ve been working as a freelancer the last few months, and as a coding coach… so now that I have a more predictable paycheck –  I present to you all, my first financial hack that I realized works very well for me.

The whole point of all this (and by this I mean GoldBean), is to enable financial freedom for you, and hopefully your loved ones right?

You say you’re just not saving money at all these days? You don’t have any to save? Nah bruh, it’s easier than you think.

Here’s what you do: Get direct deposit, and make sure the first place your money goes, is to your savings account. Like literally, it gets deposited right in your savings account. From there, divy it out to where it needs to go. My idea was to send it to my savings account, and then take out however much I thought I would need until my next paycheck.

It’s insane to me how quickly this little hack got me to start saving money. I went from saving NOTHING, to saving just a little bit every paycheck. I simply decided that I would never just drain the account (unless I had to…life is real sometimes :P).

So every week, my savings went up, a bit at a time. I went from not saving anything, to saving just a little bit more.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Then take some of that savings and start investing it.

P.S. I’m just getting into investing myself, so…take the journey with me. I’ll update ya’ll as I start to get a hang of this myself

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