How I Found My Portfolio in My Own Wallet

One of my favorite sayings is, “A budget can tell you that you can’t afford something — but it won’t stop you from buying it.”

We all work so hard to earn our money, yet spend it so easily. Let me tell you why:

The world is selling to you all the time.

Before becoming an investment advisor, I spent 20 years in advertising and marketing, and I can tell you that the way you feel about certain companies, brands, and products is no accident.

Spending on things we want increases our brain’s dopamine, so it makes us happy. This is the same reason why many of us hold on to extra pounds, or have a few extra thousand dollars in credit card debt: Short-term rewards feel good. And in a cruel twist of evolution, those same short-term feelings make us forget our long-term problems — for a little while, anyway.

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, we live in a consumption-based world. This is often at odds with the long-term financial success and increased options that saving and investing brings.

The question becomes, how can we make that work better for us, and our wallets?

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