The Biggest Lie About Banks

There’s a lot of noise in financial services marketing and advertising, and the noise directed specifically at women can be overwhelming.

“Talk to an advisor, trust a professional, buy our insurance”– the products available and their associated fees can be inflexible and uninspiring. For everyone offering to help, there is a fee structure and incentive payments to be made out of your money either directly or indirectly.

The underlying message is you couldn’t possibly do this on your own. This so-called truism amidst the noise is rarely challenged. But it should be.

Research shows women are more than capable of being confident investors. They also earn more than half the college degrees in the U.S. will receive 2/3 of inheritances over the next 20 years,  and are the primary wage earners  in more than half of U.S. households.

Women who do jump into the market take more calculated risks, hold their investments longer and are less likely to make the same mistake twice.

Tune out the noise. You can become a confident investor. You just have to start.